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You need resources to learn new techniques and get the latest information, but can't afford the costÖ

What If I Said You Could Do All That And Save Heaps In The Process?

Finally Ė a membership site that provides only the type of products you need, and not every other unrelated product under the sun!


Dear Writer,


As a writer myself, I know the pitfalls and the expense of learning new techniques, finding the right software, and obtaining the correct tools to not only learn how to write succinctly and in a compelling way, but also to run your writing business in the most economical way.

I donít know about you, but over the last few years, Iíve spent literally thousands of dollars on the tools and other essential requirements needed to write, compile, and sell my books.

Iíve also spent heaps buying templates for web pages and ebooks, as well as loads of $$$$ís on clip art and other necessary items.

And I've dished out a lot of money (and I do mean a LOT) on joining membership sites. And theyíre good ones, donít get me wrong, but they didnít cater to my specific needs.

I want, and need, books about writing, how and where to find freelancing assignments, how to find ghostwriters (so I know where to hang out Ė lol), and other information relating to my writing business.

I donít want recipe books, or books about making software, or even books on dating or how to bring up kids. I just want books about writing!

And my research has shown there are thousands of other writers in exactly the same position.


I want to thank you for Resources4Writers.  It is wonderful, and I look forward expectantly to each month's updates/offerings/news. 

In my opinion, it's an investment every writer should make.

Joyce Heiser, Inspirational Author

"So What?" You Say, Nothingís Changed!

Actually, it has.

Resources4Writers is geared specifically to writers and internet marketers who want to produce their own products, or earn money from their writing skills in some way. This membership site only stocks items relating to this industry. That means we donít stock books on dating or finance, cookbooks are nowhere to be seen, and we wonít show you how to make software or look after your dog.

But we will help you learn to write, and make money from your writing, whether thatís in the form of books, articles, reports, ebooklets, courses, copywriting, or some other writing-related activity.


OkayÖ So Whatís Inside?

Here are just a few examples of what is already available for members to download:


(Recent additions)

Money Bombs: Niche Websites
**This is an exclusive book written by Cheryl Wright, and can't be found elsewhere.  Recently updated, and doubled in size.  Several paid products have been added inside the book at no extra charge.

WordPress Website Secrets
**This was added to help with the Money Bombs ebook.  Sells for $47 elsewhere.

How to Become a Top Notch Writer
**Covers article writing techniques

Writing Riches (Value $27)
**Delves into freelance copywriting and how to set up a writing 'agency'

Cracking Creativity
**Looks into ways to get the creative juices flowing

Manifest Your Desires with Ease! (Value $21)
**Not readily available elsewhere - I have one of only 25 world-wide licenses to this book

Special Reports from A to Z (Value $15)
**Writing special reports can be extremely lucrative.  This reports shows you how


(Older additions)

How to Write an Autoresponder
**This was added as a course.  It is not available in this form anywhere else.

Freelance Mastery

Copywriting Conversion Secrets

A Career in Journalism

Headline Tips

Freelance Riches

Body Language

Secrets to Doubling Your Freelance Fee

How to Adopt Creative Thinking

Unleash the Creative New You!

Online Copywriting Pro

Words to Profit

Easy PDF Maker


Cash for Content
**Sells for $47-$97 elsewhere

Taking the Perfect Camera Shot
**Providing photos will help to sell articles

Ghostwriters from the Inside Out

How to Create Profitable Products

Copywriting for Newbies

Article Writing Secrets

Instant CD Products

Easy Ebook Money

Online Freelancing

$7 Secrets

Body Language

Unleash the Creative New You!

Liz Tomey's Freelance Riches

Michel Fortin's Brain Dump

Instant Cash Payouts

How to Find an Ebook Topic For Your Ebook

Info Product Creation Strategies

The Low Down on Niches (by Cheryl Wright)
**This book was available exclusively to members weeks
before its official release.

Ö. and much more.


Some of these products are currently sold for at least $12 to $25, but many have a recommended price of US$47 to US$97.

New products are added every 4-6 weeks; more often when applicable.

Any books or other products that canít be added to membership sites (due to restrictions by the author) will be offered at a substantially reduced price whenever possible and legal.

You will also find many reports that are difficult to locate, such as the Alice Seba/Melissa Ingold reports.  I pay monthly membership fees to secure these reports especially for this site.

Just a few of the titles cover subjects such as securing a VA (virtual assistant), using WordPress, writing special reports, creating content, and more. 

We also have a discussion forum to help with your writing problems and questions.

As you can see from the above list, I often add exclusive courses, articles, and ebooks.

And donít forget the software, templates, clip art, etc you'll need to create your website/s. Theyíll all be there too.  Many products come with resale rights, but some have restrictions in this area. This is dependant on the type of license I've been able to secure.

The products already included in the site are worth many thousands of dollars (well in excess of the yearly fee), and this is just the start!


Awesome site Cheryl -- you must have worn out several pairs of slippers organising all the content for this one.

Annie Duguid  - Freelance Writer


Who Are You, And What Makes You
Qualified To Run This Site?


My name is Cheryl Wright, and Iím an Australian writer.

Nearly seven years ago, I was a total unknown. I had nothing published, and no-one knew who I was. Today I have sixteen books published (fiction and non-fiction) with more being released in 2009/10.  I write for magazines and websites around the world, write content, sales pages, do ghost-writing, maintain and update website content, write courses, and much more.

I also write and create brochures for businesses, as well as booklets, advertising copy, training materials, and anything else related to business writing.


And I do a bit of website design from time to time. (In my spare time.  Ha!)

Iíve won loads of awards for my writing and editing, undertake freelance editing, was an editor for two publishers in the US for about two years, and also teach writing on and offline. If you want to check me out, hereís the URL to my author website:

And the link to my business writing site: 

I also own another website for writers which has been running - and growing - for over six years.

As you can see, I know my stuff. I know which books are good, and which are bad. And frankly, if theyíre bad, I wonít pass them on. This site will only stock high quality books and products that will help you with your writing and related activities.


The Resource4Writers membership I purchased recently is very good. 

It has inspired me to sell short stories for young children from my site and sell my latest children's novel from LULU.  A long term goal of mine has been to sell stories for adults and children from my web site. 

I feel confident that your Resource4Writers site will give me the tools to accomplish this goal.

Warren Thurston, Australian Writer

So How Do I Join And How Much Will It Cost?

Membership doesn't cost the earth.

You wonít have to sell your house to pay for it, and you wonít need to hock your kids or their toys. But you will get value for money; in fact, youíll get many times the value of the membership fee in products. (Just those listed above are worth much more than the yearly fee, and they're all currently available for download - plus many more. We never remove products from the site.)

There is a LOW yearly membership fee. Weíre not looking at $30 or more per month. Or even $15 per month. It's way below either of these figures.

There is only one level of membership, so you won't be asked to upgrade or choose a 'discounted' rate for your chosen level after you've joined. 

And there is no OTO (one-time-offer) either. What you see is what you get.  Finally.

So what does it cost?  A measly US$27 per quarter. (That's just US$9 per month!) Yes really!!


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My privacy statement: I will never, ever, (even under torture, threat of eating seafood or having my chocolate supply revoked) give away, sell, or divulge your details.



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